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Fowl Mouth Labradors & St. Bernards

Quality Breeder & Boarding Facility


to our wonderful, dog loving abode. Where everything is a little better with dog hair in it.

Fowl Mouth Labradors & St. Bernards strives to bring you the quality and care in breeding Black and Yellow AKC registered Labradors as well as AKC Registered St. Bernards that follow the AKC standards as found on the AKC and Parent Club websites.

Here you will find information regarding the dogs we raise, the breed and how we strive to give you the companion you're searching for!


About Us

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Fowl Mouth Labradors was established in 2012 in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. It started as an outfitter service with hunting born and bred in our blood and soon blossomed into a breeding and stud service for Labrador Retrievers. Within the past 3 years we have added our love for St. Bernards to our breeding program. 


All of our dogs live in our home and will retire with us as so. We firmly believe in our family staying together, despite our growth of the breeding program over the years. What does this mean? That we have a wonderful home full of dogs and we love every bit that comes with it. We love to travel and our dogs travel with us which makes them the perfect family dog in any situation, especially if the family trip involves water. However, our favorite past-time is hunting and the outdoors. Our dogs are all Upland and Waterfowl trained and absolutely live to be in the field. It's in their blood and the amount of joy you see on their face makes it worth it. 

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we have a DEEP PASSION for our dogs and only produce a few litters a year. We put many hours into our dogs and puppies so any more than that and we feel the pressure on our females and pups would be too strenuous. Also because our dogs are working dogs, we require them to be in the field with us during hunting season so we can maintain a balance between our careers and hobbies peacefully.

We hope that we can fill your life full of joy with a Fowl Mouth pup, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.

           Best Regards, 

                  Celsie & Joe


Now Offering

Dog Boarding & Daycare

more details under the Dog Boarding tab. Please message us for inquiries and booking today!

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American or English?

The distinction between American and English type labs is not an official one, but the types are now almost universally recognized by all and there are distinct differences between them. The terms are commonly used and widely known and accepted nicknames for Labradors with ancestry from the respective countries, but also that have been bred for different purposes.


The English and American types of Labrador are distinguish according to bred for show (conformation dogs) and for hunt (field dogs) respectively. In general, these types of dogs are friendly, dependable good nature, playful, and love of human companionship. They are popular as companion and as service dogs. Moreover, the Labrador is first and foremost a retriever.


Labradors bred for show and conformation have become commonly known as English type Labradors as they’re way more common in the UK. Labradors bred for field trials and hunting have become commonly known as American type Labradors as they’re way more common in the USA. But perhaps confusingly, there are American Labs that enter dog shows and there are English Labs competing in field trials and used for hunting.

The terms ‘American Labs’ and ‘English Labs’ aren’t absolute and strict terms, but more a useful guide of the probable type of Lab being described. There are many exceptions. According to the UKC and AKC ,there is one Labrador breed standard, and that is that. All Labs should meet the same standard, there is only one Labrador Retriever. There is no ‘American Labrador Retriever’ and there is no ‘English Labrador Retriever’, there is simply ‘The Labrador Retriever.’ With this said though, there is one slight difference in allowable height between the American and English breed standards with the American being longer in leg than that of the English. 

So why do people say their are two types? Because seeing them side by side really highlights their differences in body conditioning. See example below.


Black American Labrador


Fowl Mouth Labradors does not own the rights to this photo


Black English Labrador

Fowl Mouth Labradors does not own the rights to this photo

There are quite considerable differences between ‘American type’ and ‘English type’ Labradors, both in looks and disposition. So which type is best for you? This depends on your lifestyle and what you want from your dog. With the history of the breed behind us, Fowl Mouth Labradors takes the best of both characteristics from the breed and mends it together with our stud Gunther being 'American' and 'English.' Our puppies are every bit of the standard Labrador that any AKC or UKC requires, and we encourage you to take a look at our males and females to see for yourself.

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