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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Dog Boarding

About Us 



     At Fowl Mouth Boarding Facility we offer Daycare and Boarding services to dogs of all kinds! We specialize in canine anxiety and specialty care needs for your furry loved one. Our boarding facility sits on 12 acres with plans to renovate a newly fenced in play area for the 2023 year as well as adding an indoor lounge space  for winter play and an outdoor pool in the summer.

     We also hope to renovate the kennel with a new floor, windows and doors! Other updates will be added throughout the year as well and we're super excited to offer these to you!

       It is our duty to make sure your pet is well taken care of and is able to feel safe in a secure and welcoming environment while staying with us.

         Thank you!   -    Celsie Piehl

Dog gamboling in the snow

what you need to know




  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Parvo

  • Parainfluenza (DHPP, DAPP etc)

  • Bordetella (kennel cough)

  • Flea and Tick preventative

Bordetella is required yearly; Rabies is either yearly or every three years and proof of flea and tick must be present. If you give flea and tick to your pet personally, please document the date, time, what specially you use and how you administered if for our records. 

  • Raised pet bed

  • Food and water dishes

  • Outdoor play toys

  • Heated and cooled environment

  • Group Play

  • Swimming pool

  • Isolation area for anxiety dogs

  • Medication administered at no extra charge

  • Daily walks (weather permitted)

  • 1:1 time with staff

  • 24/7 care with someone always at the facility.

  • Lots of love and affection will be given.

  • Food in a sealed container such as an ice cream pale, Tupperware, bucket, tote etc.

  • Treats for your dog, especially if they are on a special diet or sensitive stomach.

  • Medicine with directions

  • Soft bed/blanket

  • Chew toys

  • Leash (NO retractable leashes please)


    All dogs are welcome at Fowl Mouth Breeding and Boarding Facility; however, no known aggressive dogs will be permitted to attend Doggie Daycare or Boarding, but sometimes tussles and fights will break out even from less aggressive breeds. Certain situations and environments can cause any animal to react or act negatively out of fear or anger. Every attempt will be made to prevent such behavior; however, Fowl Mouth Breeding and Boarding Facility cannot be held responsible for injuries, illness, death and/or escape while dogs are playing.

    Dogs not regularly socialized may exhibit atypical behavior, such as acting out, aggression, or biting. Dogs may also become dirty while playing. Some dogs, even when boarded with housemates, may react atypically. Sometimes tussles and fights can break out. All attempts will be made to prevent such behavior. Dogs that dig, chew on fencing or walls, or exhibit obsessive compulsive behavior (licking, barking, pacing) may injure themselves. Fowl Mouth Breeding and Boarding Facility will not be held liable for injury resulting from such behavior. Owner assumes responsibility and will pay for damages to persons, pets, and/or property done by their pet(s) while on the property. Some dogs will rip apart their bedding when boarded so be aware of that when bringing expensive beds, especially with first time boarders.

   Aggressive dogs will be removed from the play care setting and will not be allowed to return unless owner agrees that dog will remain segregated from other dogs at all times. Fowl Mouth Breeding and Boarding Facility is an all-breed facility, and we will never discriminate based on breed.

   Please keep in mind all dogs if displaying any outwardly behavior or actions will be redirected by staff prior to calling the owner if removal is needed as a last resort only. Staff is well trained and has experience with aggressive dogs, or dogs that display anxiety and other behavioral issues. We do our best to treat your dog as part of our family while they stay with us, and every attempt to keep play as safe and fun as possible, will be made. 



- peeing or pooping in the house or crate
- self-injury
- obsessive chewing/digging/destruction
- barking/howling/whining
- eating objects or poop
- pacing by door/kennel or in crate
- jumping uncontrollably and over exertion that may cause excessive drooling

In some cases, dogs can display one or more of that above at any given time. Separation anxiety is common among dogs that have bonded to you or your family.



- Dog Boarding Trial Run
       If you plan on leaving for a period of time and plan on boarding your dog while away, one of the best exercises for dogs with anxiety is introducing their new environment in short increments. Doggy daycare is an excellent introduction to their temporary home while you are away. 
       Book your dog a doggy daycare visit a few days or a week before your scheduled vacation. This will allow your dog to get familiar with the facility, used to the staff, and the kennel's daily schedule. This short trip also cements the idea that their time here is temporary, and you will be picking them up again at the end of their stay.

- Exercise (scheduled playtimes and walks)

         If your dog is used to a yard to run in or a daily walk. Make sure to book those (amenities/services) during their stay at the boarding facility. Playtime and a long walk will help your dog have fun while keeping their mind off worrying about where you are. Plus, tuckering them out will allow for better sleep and avoid restless nights. It can reduce boredom and destructive behavior, improve a dog's boarding experience and reduce overall anxiety.

- Be a voice for your dog

Chances are your dog is not the first to arrive at the kennel with separation anxiety. Ensure you communicate your dog's condition with the kennel's staff and include their most common stress behaviors. Most likely, the team will keep a close eye on your dog's behavior and give them more attention as needed.

- Bring dog's own food, bed and toys 

Having some things from home can soothe a dog's anxiety in many cases. Bring a bed or blanket from home, familiar chewy toys, and eat their own food can help your dog relax and even enjoy their time away from you.

It can be expected that your dog may not eat as much while boarding. However, having their own food available will be comforting for a homesick dog. DO NOT bring their favorite toy or most expensive dog bed. Stress behaviors such as chewing and eating are common for dogs with separation anxiety and are to be expected.  







Drop off and pickup times are strictly 7:30am-9am and 4pm-6pm respectively each day.


In order to reduce chaos and maintain a stress-free, orderly, calm day for all the dogs, the daily activities and routines must not be broken during those times.

I understand that in extenuating circumstances you can not meet these times posted so an additional fee of $35 will be added to the day's rate. All 'off hour' drop off/pick up must be OK'd by staff prior.

Daycare for example. . .

-You drop off your dog for daycare on Tuesday at 7am but pick up at 6:30pm the same day. A $35 fee will be added despite you falling outside the am and pm times it still counts as a single day rate.

Boarding for example. . .

-You drop off your dog for boarding at 7am on Friday and pick up at 7pm on Sunday. A fee of $35 will be added for the early drop off on Friday and a $35 fee will be added for the late pick up on Sunday. Two separate fee's are added as the drop off and pick up days are different.

why don't we accept retractable leashes?

You’ve probably overheard that dog trainers prefer static leashes to those that extend. But why are retractable dog leashes bad in some people’s eyes, and okay in others? The pros and cons of retractable dog leashes are hard for some owners to weigh up. That’s because they provide something that seems like a good thing. It feels like your dog has the illusion of freedom, without the fear of getting lost.

However, when it comes down to it at the end of the day, it's very difficult to control a dog on a retractable leash compared to a static one. When dealing with multiple dogs at once, having a static or shorter leash allows for the person to be more adaptable to specific situations and handle the dogs properly. Take a look at our pros and cons chart below for an easier look at our findings. 



  • Well-behaved dogs have more freedom to explore

  • With extra freedom can come more self-confidence

  • Earn a little more fun and exercise, without being attached to their owner’s side

  • You can't control a retractable leash if your dog is over-active or is hard to manage

  • getting tangled with the cord and getting friction burnt

  • Retractable leashes are not meant to be used when first training your dog to properly walk on a lead

  • retractable leashes make leash handling multiple dogs almost impossible


42901 160th St.
Springfield, MN 56087

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kennel photo.jpeg


The kennel itself is a 30x40 metal building that is heated and cooled with ventilation.  

We have a total of 22 kennels in various sizes and can house up to 25 dogs. We have 6 isolation kennels with divider panels that allow us to separate some dogs that may need more personal space. 

Currently construction on our outdoor runs connected to the building are underway, and we hope to finish this project in the summer of 2023. The outdoor play yard is a 45x90 space currently.


We can accommodate special diets and dogs with medications or allergies. Please let us know what needs your dog has to make their stay more comfortable.

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