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Our Labrador Family

Please see the Labrador Tab above to see our males, females and upcoming litters. 

We raise black and yellow Labradors currently. We do not breed chocolates at this time but are hoping to add chocolates in the near future. None of our dogs carry the dilute gene, . . . they are dilute free.


The "white to light ivory" coloring is a breed specific characteristic trait that we have in our Labradors. It is in no way labeling them as "white labs" as we breed yellow Labradors. As you will see in many of our yellow's the telltale sign of darker ears, face, tip of the tail and top line is present. 

Our Labradors are stemmed from show quality and Champion Bloodlines with hunting capabilities and traits. We train all our dogs in the field and are able to produce some wonderful hunting companions that are incredibly versatile. Many of our dogs have been trained in the show ring, the field and the workforce. We strive to bring you the companion you need for yourself and your family. 

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