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The Piehl Farm

We always encourage puppy buyers to visit us at the farm. We feel that it's important to understand where your puppy is coming from and how they are raised. We understand that it's difficult and can get expensive when traveling from a distance to pay us a visit, so instead we decided to open our life to you in this photo gallery. 

Please feel free to look through these photos from vacations and life on the farm! We love our dogs and treat each one as family. Not only do we raise dogs, but we hope to expand life on the farm and hope you enjoy photos of our pet fox Hewy and the Scottish Highlanders that we raise and breed as well. 

Best Wishes,

                    Joe & Celsie

P.S. We just got married on 5/1/2021 after being with each other for nearly 11 years. We are so overjoyed with the warm wishes and support. Thank you to all our friends, family and dog families. We love and care for you all!

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