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Getting a puppy should feel so much more than a simple transaction - it should feel like the beginning of a lifelong relationship. This isn't like adding a sweater or a pair of jeans to your online shopping cart. This isn't like pressing a button on a vending machine. Ask questions, be curious, and get to know your breeder - because we want to know you too.

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A good breeding begins with careful planning and responsible breeding requires a lot of planning, skill, experience and patience. Nearly all of our litters are planned well ahead of time with a few goals in mind. When we first start our journey in picking our breeding dogs, we spend countless hours and hours speaking with other like-minded breeders to find the right fit for our program. We develop a relationship with those breeders and sometimes, when everything fits just right, we wait for the perfect puppy to be born. Sometimes we wait years before we find the right puppy to add to our program, so don't feel stressed when searching. Take your time, this is a big decision and you should carefully consider your options.

Despite the pedigree of the dog, we also look at the genetics, health testing, color, titles, performance, traits, personality and so much more! Our lives literally revolve around our dogs and this program. It's more than a full-time job, it's a lifestyle...a passion, and we are so happy to share that with you!


All our puppies are raised in our home where we actively participate in the birth and growth each step of the way. We strongly believe in the Puppy Culture techniques and a lot of time is devoted to spending with the puppies individually. As newborns, we handle the puppies from the start. Between day 3 and day 16 each puppy receives Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI). This is a series of steps that are taken with each puppy individually once a day. You can read more about this here. As the puppies grow, we continue these techniques in group exercises and on a larger scale. Depending on where they will eventually call their 'home' we do our best to develop the puppies to their fullest potential so that they are ready to be received by you. One of the things we also do is work on litter box training, so that each puppy has an easier transition to being able to hold their bladder or be able to tell you when they have to go. Once the puppies reach 6 weeks of age, we start with crate training. At first, puppies share the kennel and as they grow, we do our best to separate them so they don't rely on their siblings for comfort so much. 

When placing a puppy in a home, we like to get to know our families by asking them a few questions about what they want, what are their goals and how they plan on raising their new family member. We take this very seriously and like to be open and honest with everyone. It's important that the families can not only support their puppy, but understand how to develop their skills and abilities to the fullest. 

The choice is yours to work with a responsible breeder for your next dog. So, do your research, be patient, and make the right decision for yourself.

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