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AKC Registration # ______________________Date_______________

The following is purchase agreement contract between Fowl Mouth Labradors (seller) and ________________________________(buyer).

This agreement is entered and made unto this day ______of_________________20____.

The buyer agrees to purchase a male____ or female ___ from the litter of ________________ (dam) and ________________ (sire) whelped on ____________ (date) for the price of $____________.


Fowl Mouth Labradors guarantees our puppies to be healthy at the time of the sale/delivery/pickup. Fowl Mouth Labradors has done everything we feel is necessary to produce healthy puppies. All appropriate vaccinations and worming’s have been given at appropriate times and a record of such will be given to buyer. Buyer agrees to have puppy AKC registered with Fowl Mouth or Fowl Mouth Labradors in the AKC registered name.


Parasites are a common problem in animals, especially young animals and are easily treated: therefore, these are excluded from this guarantee, situations such as separating from their siblings, a new home and environment, etc., can cause light stress during this time in which worm larvae can activate, however; this is non-hereditary and unforeseeable. Fowl Mouth Labradors guarantees against moderate to severe hop dysplasia/joint dysplasia that adversely affects the quality of life as a family pet up to 12 months, in which case the puppy/dog must have a veterinarian confirmation and official PennHip consultation. A copy of x-ray must be sent to Fowl Mouth Labradors before the dog is replaced. Vet conformation must state that he/she feels that the condition is congenital and not the result of an injury, abuse, poor diet, overweight and injury due to over exertion. After the dog is returned to us along with a PennHip preliminary report saying the puppy/dog has bad hips/joints by x-rays and that the condition is genetic, Fowl Mouth Labradors reserves the right to have the puppy/dog examined by our own vet. If our vet agrees with the preliminary report Fowl Mouth Labradors will determine what is best for the puppy/dog. We understand that the puppy/dog has become a member of your family at this point, should you want to keep the dog, we will upon proof of dysplasia, allow you to keep him/her if proof of neuter/spay is provided to us.


Our guarantee is a replacement puppy or a partial refund in the amount of __________.

Replacement puppies are NOT guaranteed. Only one replacement puppy is given. There are no exceptions. NO FULL REFUNDS. If replacement puppy is deemed warranted, the puppy will be replaced when a suitable puppy of the same quality becomes available. Fowl Mouth Labradors will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. If for any reason buyer refuses the replacement puppy and/or refuses to return puppy to Fowl Mouth Labradors under any reason or circumstance, then this agreement shall be considered completed and fulfilled and no other replacement puppy will be offered. Fowl Mouth Labradors is not responsible for any veterinary or medical cost, transportation or shipping cost of puppy/dog.


To qualify for replacement pup:


·        The dog must be registered with the AKC

·        The has NEVER been bred within 1 year

·        Dog and AKC papers are returned to us. If the decision is made for you to keep your dog proof of spay/neuter and original AKC papers first need to be returned to us.

·        There must be no signs of injury, abuse, neglect, dog must not be overweight, underweight or over exercised during their growth period.




You must meet all the standards mentioned above or you have VOIDED this Health Warranty/Buyer’s Contract from any and all liability now and forever regarding the purchased puppy.

The Buyer agrees puppy is not being purchased for resale and will never be sold to a pet shop, puppy mill, broker or agent of same. If something would happen that buyer cannot keep puppy/dog for any reason and anytime in the future, buyer will contact Fowl Mouth Labradors. Buyer agrees not to place puppy/dog in a shelter. Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy’s health in good condition including proper weight and diet which included a good quality dog food, proper exercise, training, shelter and to provide veterinarian examinations to insure good health.


I understand and agree to all terms listed in the contract and have been given a copy for my records ____________(initial).

(Buyer please print name) _____________________

(Buyer please sign name) ______________________

Phone Number ____________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________



Seller Info Below

I have read and agree to the terms within the contract above and have a copy for my records ___________(initial)


Celsie Piehl __________________________________

Joe Piehl _______________________________________

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